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Thermal ablation




Thermal ablation or  RITA (Radiofrequency Induced Thermal Ablation) is a loco-regional treatment that sometimes may be considered in the treatment of  Hepatocarcinomas (HCC) and of Hepatic metastases.

This treatment is performed after a careful evaluation of the patient and about his pathology.

Thermal ablation, as You know,. is based on a ione agitation, so that when the temperature is over 50 C, proteins undergo a denaturation, that is a direct cito-destroying action.

Surgically thermal ablation is just like a percutaneous  hepatic biopsy: It can be performed with a special needle that, connected with a peculiar  instrument, give up the necrosis of the parenchyma situated near the tip of the needle itself.

Often a general anesthesia is performed. .  

The patient is hospitalized.

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